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Vinex Kidz Athletics Kit - Superia

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Vinex Kidz Athletics Kit - Superia
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Vinex Kidz Athletics Kit - Superia

Vinex is offering a special Kidz Athletic Kit that covers all the major training equipment required for practicing of different kinds of Athletic Sports. This kit is best for schools and clubs offering Athletic training to kids, which will help them in developing athletic sporting skills from a very early age. The kit includes the following equipment:

1 x Event Wall Hanging Banner(3 m x 1.4 m)
1 x Multi Throw Discus(400 gm)
16 x Soft Mesh Polyester Pinnies (Small size in 2 colors) TBN-801SF
4 x 15" Cones
14 x Plastic Poles(120 cm x 25 mm)
26 x PVC Fabric - Sports Event Stations
4 x Foldable 10 mm Thick Foam Mats(1.5m x 0.6m)
2 x Plastic Kettle Balls Soft(500 gm)
2 x Elementary Foam Javelins
1 x Measuring Scale - Roll(20 m Long)
8 x 12" Cones with Numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 3, 35, & 40
2 x Throwing Poles
40 x 2" Concave Cut Cones
1 x Anti-Skid Crisscross Ladder 9 m
2 x Medicine Ball Duraz(1 kg)
1 x Elementary Discus(300 gm)
32 x Soft Mesh Polyester Pinnies(Medium size in 4 colors) TBN-802SF
14 x Plastic Dome Bases
100 x PVC Rainbow Balls
1 x Elastic Stopper 4 m Long
14 x Adjustable Foam Hurdle(W:70 cm & H:30 cm to 50 cm)
1 x Cross Hop Mat
1 x Measuring Scale - Roll(50 m Long)
6 x Floor Markers with numbers 0 to 5(Total 6 pcs)
1 x 9' Skipping Rope
2 x Elementary Javelin Throw Ball(400 gms)
6 x PVC Rings with Rib
1 x Bag with Wheels to carry all above

Complete Kit
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