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Vinex Badminton Racket - Tech Series 700

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Vinex Badminton Racket - Tech Series 700
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Vinex Badminton Racket - Tech Series 700

These New Generation Badminton Rackets are designed specifically considering the new generation requirements for the performance, quality, colours & finishing. All rackets are tested and designed with the coaches to give the best results out of these Rackets under the recommended conditions.

Features & Specifications

  1.  Color: Metallic Orange With Metallic Silver Decal.
  2. Construction: Alum. Tempered Steel Shaft Invisible T-Join (6 o'clock with Antivibration Damper).
  3. Frame Shape: ISO Wide body Perfect for School Competitions.
  4. Strung Weight: 98+ / -3 G.
  5. Strung Balance: 305+ / -MM.
  6. Shaft Flex: Stiff.
  7. Shaft Diameter: 7.5 MM.
  8. String: Lawntex Neon Green String with Logo Printed at 0.80 MM Diameter.
  9. Grip Quality: PU BLACK with 3 Times Thickness @ 1.5 MM.
  10. End Cap: High Quality

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